Thursday, November 10, 2011

D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik's Hip Hop History Fact 8 of 30!!!

Today we're gonna talk about the PIONEERS!! The West Coast Sound is Popularized by the Likes of Groups such as N.W.A., SNOOP DOGG, CYPRESS HILL, KING TEE, ICE T, TOO $HORT & Numerous others. However, West Coast Hip Hop wouldn't come to exist as a genre without the Likes of 2 Very Important Rappers. Disco Daddy & Captain Rapp!! Who are they, you may ask... Well these 2 Gentlemen have the Lone Distinction of being having the 1st Recorded West Coast Rap Song in the History of the Culture with a Song called "Gigolo Rapp"

Captain Rapp was the first commercially released West Coast rapper and old school west coast hip-hop artist, along with his former rapping partner, Disco Daddy. The rap duo met at Magic Johnson's birthday party in 1980, and soonafter released 1981's "The Gigolo Rapp," under the name Disco Daddy & Captain Rapp. The people who gave Disco Daddy & Captain Rapp the chance to record "Gigolo Rapp" were Duffy and Jerry Hooks, who had a small indie label called the Rappers Rapp Disco Record Company. Captain Rapp would later release solo material and received notable local airplay and attention in 1983, with the release of "Bad Times (I Can't Stand It)." The track was featured on local L.A. radio stations like KJLH and KGFJ. The song was also a precursor to reality rap and gangsta rap, because it contained realistic portrayals of life on the streets, and the 'bad times' African American youth were encountering.

Without this contribution, it's not certain that West Coast Hip Hop wouldn't exist it definitely laid a solid foundation for the Region to make sure their Voice heard. So that is why We're taking the time to pay homage and salute Disco Daddy & Captain Rapp West Coast Pioneers!! My Name is D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik a.k.a FOLLOWTHEHAT and this is My Hip Hop History Fact!! Happy Hip Hop History Month!! #KNOWYOURHISTORY #RESPECTTHECULTURE!!! #FOLLOWTHEHAT!!

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