Tuesday, November 8, 2011

D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik's Hip Hop History Fact 6 of 30!!!

Today's Hip Hop History Fact deals with Foundations or Cornerstones if you will. I wanted to highlight How a Single Piece of Music could cause a Spark that ignites an Entire movement. It is been said and is well documented that New Orleans, LA is the Birthplace of Jazz Music a Music that is tried & true to New Orleans. It has a Style that is all it's own. When it comes to Hip Hop, New Orleans has a Sound that is Uniquely its own. It is called Bounce Music & it is Very Southern, Very reminiscent of Mardi Gras, Very Louisana!!! What You probably don't know is that the Foundation of this Incredible Sound actually comes from New York City but it's not Planet Rock or anything like that. It comes from a Group by the Name of The Showboys and the Song is called "DRAG RAP"!! This song and shortly after "Brown's Beat" by Paul Cameron are greatly influential in N.O. Bounce Production!!!

The Showboys are a two-man rap group from Queens, New York, composed of Orville “Bugs Can Can” Hall and Phil “Triggaman”. They recorded several singles for Profile Records in the mid-80’s, including a song called “Drag Rap (Triggaman)” in which a twisted tale of revenge-seeking gangsters unfolded over a richly syncopated beat.

To give You an idea of just how underrated and influential this One Piece of Music is here is a list of some of the songs that sample "DRAG RAP(Triggaman)"

2 Blakk - "2nd Line Jump"
2 Blakk - "Let It Be Known"
2 Blakk - "Represent 4 Life"
2-Sweet - "Where My Old Man At"
2-Sweet - "Do The 2-Sweet
5th Ward Weebie - "5th Ward Weebie Pt. 2"
7th Ward Souljah - "Put It Up On The Wall"
7L & Esoteric - "No Shots"
39 Posse - "Ask Them Hoes"
Arkansas Boyz - "Trick Cut Yo Head Off"
A.S.P. - "Outro (In The House Groove)"
B.G. - "True Story"
Black Menace - "Goin Off Pt. 2"
Charlie Hanseen - "I Can´t Focus" feat. Pimp Dogg
Cheeky Blakk - "Bicht Get Off Me"
Cheeky Blakk - "Lemme Get That Outcha"
Cheeky Blakk - "Represent"
Cheeky Blakk - "Roll Call"
Cheeky Blakk - "Shake That Ass"
Da 9er´s - "Everyday Weed Head"
Da Real Choppa - "Get Out The Way" feat. Lil Wayne
Da Sha Ra - "Early In The Morning"
Da Sha ra - "Early N Tha Morning"
Da Sha Ra - "Bootin Up"
David Banner - "Like A Pimp"
DJ Duck - "Buss It Open"
Dj Jimi - "Where They At"
DJ Jubille - "It´s On"
DJ Jubilee - "Stop Pause (Do The Jubilee)"
DJ Jubilee - "Westbank Showdown"
DJ Jubilee - "The City"
DJ Mouche - "Fuck Dem Niggas Fuck Dem Hoes"
DJ Mouche - "Silly"
DJ Money Fresh - "Hustla Hustla"
Edward J - "Eastside To The Westside"
Everlasting Hit Man - "Bounce Baby Bounce"
Fila Phil - "Da Hustla"
Fila Phil - "For Real Mack Daddy"
Flesh & Blood - "On The Map"
FM - "Gimme What You Got"
Gregory D - "Get Bucked"
Gregory D - "S.W.A.C."
Hypnotize Camp Posse - "We Bout To Ride"
Ice Mike - "Mary Jane"
Jake One ft. Young Buck - "Dead Wrong"
Joe Blakk - "Where You From"
Josephine Youngunz - "Turn It Up"
Juvenile - "Race For The Money"
Kilo - "The Ward Song"
Kingpin Skinny Pimp - "Shake Ya Money Maker"
Lil Chuckee - "Where´s Wayne" Ft. Nicki Minaj, Gudda Gudda, Lil Twist & Jae Millz
Lil Flip & Mr. Capone-E - "Where I Stay"
Lil Goldie - "Bounce For Lil Goldie"
Lil Slim - "Bounce Slide Ride"
Lil Slim - "Bitches Ain´t Shit"
Lil Slim - "Intro (The Game Is Cold)"
Lil Slim - "Where Your Ward At"
MC Nero - "Do Da Nero Bounce"
MC Spud - "Undertaker"
MC T Tucker & DJ Irv - "Where Dey At"
Mia X - "Da Payback"
Mobo Click - "Brand New Funk"
Mobo Click - "Foolishness"
Mobo Click - "Ya"
Mobo Click - "Tru Nigga"
Mobo Click - "A Lil Something Something"
Mobo Click - "Soldier"
P.M.W. - "Big Man"
Partners N Crime - "So Attracted"
Partners-N-Crime - "Gucci"
Pimp Daddy - "One Girl"
Pimp Dogg - "Ya´ll Can´t Fade Me"
Pimp Dogg - "Set Up Bitch"
Pimp Dogg - "Run Down"
Pimp Dogg - "9th Ward Nigga"
Pimp Dogg - "Rooka Tooka"
Pimp Dogg - "Commercial"
Pimp Dogg - "Ike Them Hoes"
Project Pat - "This Ain´t A Game"
Red Money - "II Much Red Intro"
Shorty Mac - "Gankin Bitches"
Souljas Of Sorrow - "Souljas Of Sorrow (Interlude)"
South Coast Party Boyz - "Everybody Has 2 Party"
South Coast Party Boyz - "Uptown Twerkers / Downtown Twerkers"
South Coast Party Boyz - "The Twerk"
South Coast Party Boyz - "Diamond Rows"
Sporty-T - "Follow Me"
Sporty-T - "Go Get Em"
Sporty-T - "Let Cha Know"
Sporty-T - "Meet Me At The Bar"
Sporty-T - "Sporty 96"
Tear Da Club Up Thugs - "Push Em Off"
UNLV - "Another Bitch"
UNLV - "Boom Get Chopped"
UNLV - "Eddie Bo"
UTP - "Nolia Clap"
10th Ward Buck - "Faster Faster"
DJ Jubilee - "Stop Pause"
Lil Goldie - "Act A Donkey On A Dick"
Sissy Nooby - "Loopy"
Z. Blakk - "Second Line Jump"

Unfortunately, the group fell victim to the shady business practices of Profile, and they have never received the money due them for the many records sold in the South and the licensing fees paid to use the sample. In fact, they were unaware of the song’s runaway success in the South, only becoming aware of the situation when they received a phone call from a promoter in Memphis who “acted like he found Elvis alive.” the bad experience with Profile, the Showboys are honored that their record has played such a central role in the development of the local New Orleans style.

In short "DRAG RAP(Triggaman) by The Showboys is to N.O. Bounce what Trans-Europe Express by Kraftwerk is to Hip Hop! Simple without this Song the N.O. Bounce Sound doesn't exist. For some of the Younger (in Age & Knowledge of the Culture) readers think of it this way. Without this Piece of music, Mannie Fresh doesn't get His Group UNLV on. Which means there's NO Cash Money Millionaires, which means there's NO Hot Boys(B.G., Turk,, Lil Wayne, Juvenile), No Big Tymers(Mannie Fresh & Birdman), which means there's NO Young Money, which means there's NO Drake, NO Nicki Minaj, NO Cory Gunz. Which goes back to My Earlier point about Lineage and how it's closely related & almost necessary it is to Hip Hop Culture. All because of a 6 Minute Song by a Rap Group from Queens, New York.

So while I can't collect royalty checks for Bugs Can Can & Triggaman, I can take the time to acknowledge their Contribution to the Culture and let You know that You are appreciated. My Name is D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik a.k.a FOLLOWTHEHAT and this is My Hip Hop History Fact!! Happy Hip Hop History Month!! #KNOWYOURHISTORY #RESPECTTHECULTURE!!! #FOLLOWTHEHAT!!


Jon Goode said...

GREAT post Dres!

What do you think of Sissy Noby who has been running bounce in the N.O. for a minute?

Also one of my favorites to sample "Drag Rap" is Tech N9ne's p.r. 2k1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoLU6ZjpRiY

The Iconoclast said...

Thank you for this. It needed to be said. You, sir, are a lexicon!