Monday, November 7, 2011

D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik's Hip Hop History Fact 5 of 30!!!

Today I'm gonna take the time to focus on a Subject that is all too often overlooked in HIP HOP Culture but without it, the Culture would not Exist. I'm speaking about the Female MC and in particular a Woman by the Name of Wendy Clark. For those that aren't familiar with Wendy Clark, You may know Her as LADY B. What You probably don't know is that She is The 1st Female Rapper recording as a Solo Artist in the History of Hip Hop

Born and Raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wendy Clark is truly a Hip Hop Pioneer, becoming the 1st Female Rapper to record as a Solo Artist. She transitioned Her Rap Stardom for a Career in Radio in the Philadelphia area. Her pioneering radio show “Street Beat” was one of the first radio shows in the world to prominently feature rap music. Her sheer presence at events secures total Hip-Hop credibility. Almost by herself, Lady B introduced rap music to Philadelphia. While at Power 99fm she had to fight to play groups like Public Enemy. They were considered too controversial and too political for the radio at that time.” Armed with the popularity of Public Enemy and the push of Def Jam and Russell Simmons, Lady B finally convinced Power 99 to concede. Her loyal audience loves her. Lady B is a fighter and we need more fighters on the radio. On her Radio show on 103.9 WPHI, she spotlighted local artists by interviewing them on her show and playing their music. She would also find diamonds in the rough. Independent local records that pleased her ear would actually find themselves in rotation. To win in radio, you have to stay ahead of the game. If nothing else, Lady B is a winner!

Here is LADY B's Only Single "To The Beat Ya'll" released in 1979

Here is a Documentary on Philly Hip Hop Starring Lady B

Lady B is now broadcasting for the premiere satellite radio entity –Sirius Satellite Radio. Lady B received the prestigious Philly Urban Legend Award in 2002 as a pioneer in Rap Music, the World Renowned Entertainment," Role Model of Excellence Award, two Lifetime Achievement Awards (including the Douglass”Jocko”Henderson award) and is also listed in VIBE magazine’s History of Hip-Hop as “Maybe the most influential female in hip-hop radio history” With a "Can't Stop... Won't Stop" Attitude that is synonymous with The Culture, Lady B can now be heard weekday from 3-7pm on “The Basement Party,” banging classic Hip-Hop and R&B! This is why Today We're celebrating Lady B, Hip Hop Pioneer, Pillar of Strength, Part of the Backbone of Our Culture. It's kind of interesting what One Person can do when You just possess a "Never Say Die" mentality. This is D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik a.k.a. FOLLOWTHEHAT and this is My Hip Hop History Fact!! Happy Hip Hop History Month!!! #KNOWYOURHISTORY!!!

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