Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well it's official as of Friday April 2nd, 2009... I had My Bags packed and was about to head to Atlanta Jackson Heartsfield International Airport when... I decided to check My Gmail for the last time before I went to Shanghai for 6 Weeks and this is what I found...

"Hi mate,

Bonbon is officially closed as of yesterday. A brand new venue would be up n running in summer. The boss has fallen out with the partners n would like to run a club of his own. We were all informed yesterday evening. Since then, my mobile hasn’t stopped ringing, and emails haven’t stopped flooding in. I have so much to do, it’s not that I do not want to get in touch.

Whatever that is happening now is not within my control. I have been trying to re-schedule and/or cancel shows as my international dj line-up has gone as far as June. I haven’t closed my eyes a bit since I learned of the news. Have been explaining myself over n over again to different people and have meeting after meeting to resolve issues that popped up as a result.

I hope to gain your kind understanding now that I am not only dealing with only one person, but 120 staff + 12 djs n agencies. We could talk later on msn if you are available.

Best regards,


Needless to say I wasn't feeling too good about any of this... I mean I've put a lot of things on hold and in some cases even cancelled things as well. But that's Show Business!!! I'm gonna miss Club BonBon but I know that this New Club IS gonna be bigger and better than ever... I hope Shanghai is ready for it and I really hope that Shanghai is ready for Me when I get there.

So instead of not going on this trip to China & sitting around feeling some type of way about it... I under the advice of Management took a trip to Savannah to Spread Love at an Event called TASTE ART EVENT( The weekend was a Blast and I'm making plans to get back there already. Shouts to Josh & the Good People at, the Meddin Emerging Artists Theater, The Crew from Dope Sandwich(don't worry help is on the way!!!) and Terry & Christine Thurston & especially TEAM BEATnik and Dirty & the Great White for the R&R!!! 

New CHRONICLES Coming Soon!!!   

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