Friday, March 13, 2009

Jaspects & Friends Concert

if you've never been to a jaspects concert you're missing out. 

i'm a lover of pretty much all music (with the exception of yodeling and stuff) but i LOVE hip hop music. and these dudes did their thug dizzle on stage.

the concert was held at sugarhill in the underground atlanta. upon arriving there (early), sav and i were greeted by a line wrapping around all of underground with atliens that had come to show support of their home town group. 

after standing in line for what seemed like an eternity, one of the members of the jaspects came out to inform us that there was some flooding issues inside of sugarhill and that's what the hold up was. flooding? wtf? i was just here last nite AND we've had beautiful weather! nonetheless, we got inside and found a makeshift stage on the ground. i mean, i'm all for makin it do what it do and that's what they did! good job sugar hill for improvising. 

first up was hollyweerd. i'm a hollyweerd fan. i love them. i remember when they were just tattoo artists making jokes in the shop. in fact, my cousin and my tattoo artist apprenticed under one of them. after some technical difficulties, they rocked the house leaving women wanting to know what it's like to "make love to a weerdo" and men wishing they were "weerd". 

up next was chantae cann. i've never seen her perform live before and once i did, i realized that i was missing a huge chunk of my life. this sister can BLOW!!! she is a cute, sassy lady who's vocals are reminiscent of an older jazz singer mixed with the modern day urban soulist. i was in love and swooning over every word she sang. when her set was over, i was sad and disturbed because i could listen to her all nite. 

rahbi was up next. now, if you've never seen him perform, you are in for an experience. the first time i saw him perform, it was at the "jdilla vs prince tribute concert" and i saw then why he performed as prince. this man is talented as all hell and flexible as the pretzel man. i LOVED his set. he's such a classy dude that even when some girl tried to play him during his first song, he turned that into part of his show and she too fell in love with rahbi.

naturally the only performance that could follow this was the jaspects themselves. i didn't want them to end. there music is hip hop infused with jazz or maybe it's jazz infused with hip hop but either way, these are some talented dudes. i mean, they danced, they got the crowd hype, they rapped, WHILE playing the trumpet, saxophone, keyboard, guitar, and drums. i mean, i was tired by the end from watching them! btw, their album drops on april 18th and if you have the money, you need to get it. they're going places.

algebra came on after them. she's a pretty well known underground hip hop artist and i had never experienced her either. she's AWESOME!!! i loved her outfit which consisted of a strapless prom-esque dress coupled with none other then DUNKS! naturally she rocked the "stage" as well. her birthday is coming up and she'll be having a pajama jam birthday party kid n'play style and yours truly will most definitely be in the place. 

the last performance was with pj morton who also did his thug dizzle. 

jaspects and friends kept the crown hyped, excited, and engaged from start to finish. i have yet to encounter a concert where i was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire thing. the jaspects are a humble and uber talented group who made it very clear last nite that they are going places. i'm proud to say i saw them in concert and cannot wait for their album to drop!

signing off... 


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