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Method Man Freestyle

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The BEATnik Chronicles - 03/14/09 pt. 2

This is one of the reasons why I love My life... I get the opportunity to be able to be around people that not only Inspire Me but that also inspire the World and I get to on occasion get to dance with them as if the world dosen't even exist. Janelle Monae is one of those people... She not only was in attendance at the J*Davey Concert on this particular night but seen that this wasn't My gig to Host and felt what was going on enough to come on stage on a night that she wasn't even supposed to be "on the Clock" and helped me keep the party going... Thanks Baby Girl your Credit is always good with Me... LOL!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

the BEATnik Chronicles - 03/14/09


Thursday, March 26, 2009

iPod versus iPod

I won.

tonite at the world famous mic club a new and ingenius concept was presented. iPod battles.

free admission into sugar hill brought out new and more people willing to participate in this battle. just because you can't spit a hot rhyme or make some dope beats doesn't mean you don't know music and tonite's events proved that you can be a listening master and still win.

Franco and I participated in the battle to which he lost. encompassing genres from rock to reggae and everything in between all members of the audience felt right at home. everyone jammed out to oldies like crazy by aerosmith and bobbed to jay-z's reasonable doubt.

needless to say, good times were had by all. 'Twas a great ice breaker and I look forward to seeing this concept hatch into the mother bird.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This is footage of Myself and Drummer Extraordinaire ALI-en on Stage @ SUGAR HILL opening for J*DAVEY!!! This was the First time that either one of us had performed together so it was DEFINITELY the Beginning of Something Great!!! Thanks to Goldi Gold for Capturing this!!

DRES THA BEATNIK VS ALIEN from Goldi gold on Vimeo.

More of the J*DAVEY CONCERT To Come!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today is My Brother Jax from BINKIS' Birthday... I wanted to post an entry that I did back in November reflecting His passing... This is My Video tribute to a Great friend of Mine, My Brother Christopher "JAX" Thurston of ATL's Own BINKIS RECS... He passed away early on Nov. 4th, 2008 and I wanted to say goodbye in my own special way!! Happy Birthday Homie!!!

The BEATnik Chronicles - Thurs 3/12/09

This is the First installment of the Daily Series The BEATnik Chronicles... You can hang with D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik as he walks through the many destinations that He travels to... Good Times & Vibes to be had by all... You can catch this and more at http://thebeatnikchronicles.blogspot.com

More To Come!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


There was magic brewing on the campus of Cal State Los Angeles ton February 22nd the kind that puts a love spell on everyone who walks into its path. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and his 40-piece orchestra managed to set the entire Luckman Fine Arts Plaza afloat on Sunday night with Timeless: Suite for Ma Dukes, their gorgeous re-imagining of J Dillas best known works. Surprise guests filtered in throughout the night, including Common, Talib Kweli andPosdnuous from De la Soul. Dillas inspiring mother was a beacon throughout the performance, small in stature but mighty in spirit.

If you listen closely to the music, the possibilities are endless
Ma Dukes (February 22nd, 2009.)

The energy onstage was infectious, and the audience was just as emotionally invested in the performance as the musicians. One could feel the grand swoops and shimmering intricacies of the music just by the motion of Atwood-Fergusons hands. When Dwele came out to do Angel, he had to stand back in awe for several moments to take in the beauty of what he was about to sing over.

In true Dilla fashion, one classic begets another, and we got to see that progression take place right before our eyes.Diana Moreira led us through the bossa nova lilt of Stan Getz and Luiz Bonfas Saudade Vem Correndo,containing the famous hook Dilla sampled into the Pharcydes Runnin. Minutes later, the orchestra changed tempo and transformed the bossa nova mood into Dillas inspired jam with vocal contributions by Amp Fiddler, Bilal andShafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra. Bilal then sang Reminesce and brought the crowd to the verge of rapture.

The night rounded out when Posdnuous surprised everyone and did his verse of De la Souls Stakes is High, and then brought on Talib Kweli to do Doves verse. The chorus which included OhNo, Alchemist, Illa J, Frank Nitty, Rhettmatic, Ma Dukes, J Davey, Houseshoes sang out the refrainLove, Vibration - eventually turning the mic over to the audience to sing along. An encore of Slum Villages Fall in Love left everyone with the sweet high that only falling in love can bring about.

People will be talking about this majestic performance for years and blessed are the ones who were able to see it bloom firsthand.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jaspects & Friends Concert

if you've never been to a jaspects concert you're missing out. 

i'm a lover of pretty much all music (with the exception of yodeling and stuff) but i LOVE hip hop music. and these dudes did their thug dizzle on stage.

the concert was held at sugarhill in the underground atlanta. upon arriving there (early), sav and i were greeted by a line wrapping around all of underground with atliens that had come to show support of their home town group. 

after standing in line for what seemed like an eternity, one of the members of the jaspects came out to inform us that there was some flooding issues inside of sugarhill and that's what the hold up was. flooding? wtf? i was just here last nite AND we've had beautiful weather! nonetheless, we got inside and found a makeshift stage on the ground. i mean, i'm all for makin it do what it do and that's what they did! good job sugar hill for improvising. 

first up was hollyweerd. i'm a hollyweerd fan. i love them. i remember when they were just tattoo artists making jokes in the shop. in fact, my cousin and my tattoo artist apprenticed under one of them. after some technical difficulties, they rocked the house leaving women wanting to know what it's like to "make love to a weerdo" and men wishing they were "weerd". 

up next was chantae cann. i've never seen her perform live before and once i did, i realized that i was missing a huge chunk of my life. this sister can BLOW!!! she is a cute, sassy lady who's vocals are reminiscent of an older jazz singer mixed with the modern day urban soulist. i was in love and swooning over every word she sang. when her set was over, i was sad and disturbed because i could listen to her all nite. 

rahbi was up next. now, if you've never seen him perform, you are in for an experience. the first time i saw him perform, it was at the "jdilla vs prince tribute concert" and i saw then why he performed as prince. this man is talented as all hell and flexible as the pretzel man. i LOVED his set. he's such a classy dude that even when some girl tried to play him during his first song, he turned that into part of his show and she too fell in love with rahbi.

naturally the only performance that could follow this was the jaspects themselves. i didn't want them to end. there music is hip hop infused with jazz or maybe it's jazz infused with hip hop but either way, these are some talented dudes. i mean, they danced, they got the crowd hype, they rapped, WHILE playing the trumpet, saxophone, keyboard, guitar, and drums. i mean, i was tired by the end from watching them! btw, their album drops on april 18th and if you have the money, you need to get it. they're going places.

algebra came on after them. she's a pretty well known underground hip hop artist and i had never experienced her either. she's AWESOME!!! i loved her outfit which consisted of a strapless prom-esque dress coupled with none other then DUNKS! naturally she rocked the "stage" as well. her birthday is coming up and she'll be having a pajama jam birthday party kid n'play style and yours truly will most definitely be in the place. 

the last performance was with pj morton who also did his thug dizzle. 

jaspects and friends kept the crown hyped, excited, and engaged from start to finish. i have yet to encounter a concert where i was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire thing. the jaspects are a humble and uber talented group who made it very clear last nite that they are going places. i'm proud to say i saw them in concert and cannot wait for their album to drop!

signing off... 


Thursday, March 12, 2009


So by now a lot of You have been wondering what's going on with The WORLD FAMOUS MIC CLUB @ SUGAR HILL!!!

What are we doing?
How's the show coming along?
Who's coming thru to the Show?
What's Next?

Well after a lot of Blood, Sweat & Tears here's what we've been working on...

The WORLD FAMOUS MIC CLUB has been experiencing a bit of Growing Pains getting Adjusted to our new home... We've been @ Sugar Hill for about a Month and the Show is growing moderately... We've had some good moments and some not so good ones. We absolutely love the Staff @ Sugar Hill and we're bringing the show back in Phases...

PHASE ONE: To bring back the MIGHY MIGHTY BEAT DOWN & CROWD CONTROL PERFORMANCE BATTLE... We feel that these events are more suited to the Environment that we're in being at UNDERGROUND ATLANTA.

PHASE TWO: To make sure that Hip Hop is respected again in Atlanta especially at UNDERGROUND ATLANTA and to expose those that are looking to find an outlet for their art an actual place that they can call Home and to Build MC's that can master all the Disciplines of their Art(FREESTYLE & WRITTEN)!!!

PHASE THREE: To Bring Our Live band back to MIC CLUB... the Live Music Element is actually the Cornerstone of what separates Us from the Rest of the Pack. The Newly formed A.S.O.(Audio.Science.Orchestra.) is the name of our band being as we couldn't take B.F.D. with Us to Our new Location we feel that with a new Start comes New Energy.

PHASE FOUR: To bring some notable names to Atlanta that the City wouldn't see at any other location.

and Finally...

PHASE FIVE: To stretch the Boundaries of what a HIP HOP BATTLE EVENT is Supposed to look like. We were the First event to Bring the PRODUCER BATTLE Concept to ATL & the First to Introduce the Hip Hop Performance Battle Concept to ATL... Now what I'm about to layout is the NEXT LEVEL of the HIP HOP BATTLE... Pay close Attention...

We're applying & incorporating this into The WORLD FAMOUS MIC CLUB... in a new event called the EXCHANGE!!! We're dealing with The Essence of MUSIC with this Event & giving you the Opportunity to contribute & share Your Passion... We're having a ORIGINAL SAMPLE/UPDATE VERSION HIP HOP Battle!!! We're launching this in ATLANTA on WEDNESDAY MARCH 25th, 2009 @ MIC CLUB(SUGAR HILL/UNDERGROUND ATLANTA) & To put a little more on top of the Cake we're bringing Legendary Hip Hop Artist CL SMOOTH to Perform Live @ this Event backed by a Live Band... The A.S.O.!!

This is an Example of what we're talking about with the EXCHANGE...

The Original...

The Update...


See You at the SHOW!!! http://www.miclubnation.com

KRS-One: the man behind the music

I can't remember how long I've been a KRS-One fan but I know that for as long as I can remember, I've thought nothing but the highest of high things of this talented man. a fellow vegetarian and fighter of violence, the man also know as the teacha or the philosopher is quite the force to be reckoned with.

tonite at the world famous mic club, KRS-One stopped through and rapped with dres about the possibility of some future collaborations. I don't know if I'm ready to admit that I was star struck but seeing this humble legend did put a smile on my face and some pep in my step. and the possibility of working with him down the line tickled my soul.

how could he do all this right? well, KRS-One was one of the definers of hip hop. I agree with what stands for and is a well balanced person. on stage he's an explosive shot gun ready for blast off but outside of that environment, his easy smile is comforting and his soul an old one. I promise that I'm not swooning over this man who has been both the subject of controversy and recipient of lifetime awards, but he does leave a refreshing taste in my mouth--figuratively speaking--and gives great hugs.

at the end of this day, I'm honored to have been in the presence of greatness and look forward to any future endeavors with this quiet storm of a man.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

My Weekend...

What's going on Family? I wanted to take the time to say to all that have been partying with Me this Weekend... Thank You soooo very much!!! I wouldn't have made it through without Ya'll! There was too much drama going on this weekend outside of the normal work drama that would have taken Me off My path had it not been for You all!!! Now for the recap...

My Weekend Started on Wednesday... YEAH THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT WEDNESDAY!! LOL!!!

We had our Monthly PRODUCER & PERFORMANCE BATTLE on the Same Night... The MIGHTY MIGHTY BEAT DOWN & The CROWD CONTROL PERFORMANCE BATTLE The CROWDS are finally starting to show Up @ SUGAR HILL & I'm happy about it!!! Thanks to Ladebelle, DJ Edward Scizzahandz & Razah, the Staff of SUGAR HILL & all the Producers & Performers that attended. The PRODUCER BATTLE Final was down to DAILY BREAD & ILL GAIMEZ with ILL GAIMEZ emerging Victorious!!! The PERFORMANCE BATTLE Final was between ISIS PRODUCTIONS out of MEMPHIS & MAJA DEACON... With ISIS PRODUCTIONS emerging Victorious!! This coming Wednesday is looking to get Bigger & Better!! http://www.miclubnation.com

Now for those of you who know Me & My Story You know that at this point even mentioning Apache much less going there for anything is a trip in and of itself... That being said, My good Brother Oh Zee Banga asked a simple request of Me and I couldn't refuse Him because he is one of those people in ATL that takes care of Me when I need it. He asked Me to come out to I DO MUSIC and Sit on a Panel Discussion for the I DO MUSIC WEEKEND!! The discussion was about Digital Marketing & Promotions for the Digital Age urban Music Artist... On the Panel was Myself, Tai Saint-Louis of AllHipHop.com, GYANT of SOHH.com, B RICH (Manager for B.O.B.), Digital Marketing Guru Chuck Woo of EARWAX RECORDS & ChuckWoo.com & Big Yu National Account Director DIGIWAXX.com This was a well produced event filled with People that were looking to get some insight on perfecting their craft... That being said this event has OUTGROWN it's Present Venue... NO HATE... JUST TRUTH!!!

This is one of My Residencies here in ATL... the MJQ Concourse is the EPICENTER of THE COUNTERCULTURE here in ATLANTA!!! We were celebrating DJ LORD of PUBLIC ENEMY'S Birthday!! the Crowd of about 425 had a great time... MJQ has been doing some upgrades to their Sound System and I know that by the time that they finish that it'll be the TRUTH in ATLANTA. I had a great time myself and STRONGLY ENCOURAGE anyone that is looking for something different in their ATLANTA HIP HOP CLUB EXPERIENCE to come here at least once... You'll be glad you did!!!


now this is one of the Reasons why I feel I'm as good as I am not to sound to KANYE but I AM THE TRUTH WITH A MICROPHONE and I WAS BUILT FOR THIS & here's Why!!!

I was asked by b-Boy Quic of the ATL FUNKLORDZ/ZULU NATION to host a B-Boy competition @ The RELAPSE THEATER and can I tell you that this is one Element of Hip Hop that I wish I would've held on to a little longer... I mean these B-Boys & B-Girls got some MF'N HEAT with them!! The jam was great and literally a Who's Who in the ATL B-Boy Community was in attendance for this I hosted the Prelims to the SKILL4SOLE Battle... Where the Losing Crew had to literally Give Up their Shoes hence SKILL4SOLE!!! I even brought My Daughter Ashanti out to see this cause I feel that the Youth need to embrace this facet of Hip Hop Culture in a BIG WAY!! Exercise... Exercise... Exercise!!!

I had to leave the B-Boy jam to head to the Twelve to host a Private Birthday party for My Boy Christian... I was expecting a pretty Decent soiree but nothing prepared Me for what I saw... People all dressed to the Nines looking Oh SO SOPHISTICATED and feeling Good!!! The Live Band was on Point the Hospitality was also on point and after the Cutting of the Cake... it was time to get to work!! I alongside DJ Rasta Root came to Shut Shit Down!! All that were in attendance had a good time(no Requests at All!!)LOL!! I had to have seen perhaps the longest SOUL TRAIN LINE in My Life at this Party... LOL!! It was GREAT!!! Big Up to Christian happy birthday Boy!!and Michelle for Putting the Event together.. you did a GREAT JOB!!!

Now This was the final Event of the Evening... The GRAND EMPERIAL DJ MAJESTIK & I make up a Collective called the 1128 PROJECT and We change lives through the Music!!! LITERALLY!!! We have a Monthly @ d'JANGO and it is definitely a moving Experience!! DJ MAFIOSO got the festivities started upstairs and I have to say on the low He is by far and away one of the most talented & precise DJ's in the World and I feel blessed to be able to work with him whenever I can!! We got set up and started Downstairs around Midnight and came to bring the pain... We went everywhere with the music... The Crowds that usually come to d'Jango now come to hear the Radio... WE ARE SOOOOOO ANTI-RADIO it's not even funny!!! After the Crowd of Regulars got the memo everyone got down to doing their Job so that we could do ours, which was giving the People some good music and a great experience!!! All in all I think we did a GREAT JOB!!! This is a DEFINITE SURE SHOT!!!

and on the 7th Day....

THE BEATnik RESTED!!! See You Soon!!!