Tuesday, December 2, 2008

PAIN WITHOUT BORDERS... Pay Attention!!!

This is perhaps the most thought provoking and incredible thing I've seen in a long while... This film was made for a french N.G.O called "Pain without Borders/ Douleurs sans frontières". The campaign has started in France the 20th October for the global day against pain. The goal of this campaign is to increase the public awareness to "Pain" in its various forms and then have enough signatures (petition on line) to give the possibility to the french government to present a resolution at the U.N before the end of 2008. In this film you see a young boy walking and facing in life hard and painfull situations : - loss of his mother - earthquake, destruction of his hometown - war - psychological pain - injury Information regarding this commercial :

Title : Arrêtons la douleur / Stop the Pain
Duration : 63 sec
Directors : Philippe GAMER and Fred REMUZAT
Production and postproduction : SPACE PATROL
Client : Douleurs Sans Frontières / Pain without Borders

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