Saturday, December 20, 2008


Honestly, last night's MAIN INGREDIENT was pretty cool!! RAZAH, SCIZZAHANDZ, MAJESTIK & SKOOTER all brought some great tunes to the table. The Performances were The SHIT!!! Life The Great showed Us what the Future of HIP HOP is goin to sound like & I Like it!! HEED Showed Us what a LIVE SHOW is supposed to FEEL like, DUKES OF DaVILLE are READY to be the NEXT BIG THING to come out of ATLANTA!! & ZERBY definitely showed Us that You Can't JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!!

When I do these shows, it's an Overwhelming process especially when You're doin it by Yourself... and it just lets me know that I gotta learn to ask for some Help. But when its actually going down and You see the People that are in there that get exactly what we're doing... it makes it WORTH IT!!!

We'll have Pics up very soon... in the meantime log onto The MAIN INGREDIENT on MySpace and let Us know what You thought about Last Night's show and other MAIN INGREDIENT Shows that You've been to. Also we're in the Lab working on the MAIN INGREDIENT Vol. 1 a Compilation of the Best of the Best performances of the First Year of the MAIN INGREDIENT!!!

Stay Tuned

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