Thursday, October 30, 2008


I want to talk to you for a moment about the MASQUERADE and exactly why We @ 4Kings Entertainment chose to move Our event THE WORLD FAMOUS MIC CLUB to this Venue.

1. We felt that the MASQUERADE is a Venue that is seeped in what We're about(and NO IT IS NOT A FORMER SLAVE AUCTION BLOCK!!! But in fact click this link You can get the FULL STORY - Historically, the MASQUERADE has been host to a great Number of Hip Hop Shows that cater to the Underground Hip Hop community here in the Southeast. With shows such as these...

2. The Parking is FREE!!! No BOOTMAN!!! NO HOMELESS PEOPLE!!! - When you come out to the Masquerade, you can actually park near the Venue and leave your Car and not have any hassle or worry about your Car!!!

3. The Bartender's can pour drinks & get them to You quickly. Now at the Apache that wasn't a problem and for that we were truly grateful. But here the drinks are Good and Worthy of Your Patronage and Gratuity!!!

4. Now every show isn't gonna be a SCION Live Metro Concert event but, we will make sure to actually listen to you and trust you to let Us know what Artists You want to see at MIC CLUB.

5. The Economics of the Deal - We got a better deal from the MASQUERADE up front than we would've gotten from the APACHE in the 6+ Years that we were there... You know our track record & You know what we did at our Former Home.

6. The Room is bigger which means that we can bring in Bigger Shows and find Sponsors to help assist Us in making these shows a reality. We can hold a Crowd of less than 500, as well as, a crowd of More than 1,300 Inside and nearly 5,000 Outside!!!

7. We have one of the Best Sound Systems in the City!!! - I know that alot of You, really don't care about how an event Sounds. It's kind of like a given thing, right? Well, No.. if the sound ain't right then You're not gonna feel it, period.

8. The Essence of The team is still here!!! - DJ's Edward Scizzahandz & Razah are still here... We tapped our Friends The MOVEMENT to be Our House Band and of Course I'm here as well. LOL!!!

9. The SHOW WITHIN THE SHOW - All of the Events that make The World Famous Mic Club a cut above the Rest are here, too.




10. The overall Morale of ATLANTA'S HIP HOP UNDERGROUND is at an All Time Low!!! We love this music and the Artists that create the Music, but when it's time to go out and support it, either due to the Economy or what have You... The People just don't seem to show. Unless it's a FREE EVENT!!! Now I can understand going out to a Free Show, I do it myself. But, Damn People... they all can't be FREE! Case in Point in the past month, COMMON, The ROOTS, N.E.R.D., ATMOSPHERE, GYM CLASS HEROES, M.O.P., SEAN PRICE & ILL BILL have all come to ATLANTA, only the M.O.P. Concert which was a Free Show was attended. Which is actually why we thought that now is the time to bring the show back to Atlanta. Now I know that we're not gonna change the scope of ATL Hip Hop alone, which is why We need your help. check out the show one time and if it's not for You then that's totally fine but, if it is for You then, please tell someone about it.

Till then Good People REMEMBER the Role or Responsibility of an Artist is to advance Civilization as WE know it!!!

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