Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I actually enjoy working... I was having a conversation with a Couple of Friends of Mine not to Name Drop but one was Big Zak & the Other was Cee-Lo of GOODIE MOB & GNARLS BARKLEY Fame and we were talking about fan relations & the business of being Personable with the Public when You sometimes don't want to... And through this conversation I had an epiphany that I thought I'd share with Them & I'll share with You... "There are times when I don't like the interruptions in Public during "Private" moments. Like sharing a Meal when I'm out with My Girl Nicki or hanging out with My Guys or even doing My best to be a better Father to My Daughter Ashanti. But at the end of the Day when it's all said and done... I am blessed to have this life and have this Career. I mean think of it like this... Imagine what You could actually be doing if You weren't involved in this business." Everyday at some point I have to remind myself that I'm being allowed to have a Semi-Charmed kind of Life through my Art and everyday I'm more and more thankful for it. I get to communicate with People and add something to their lives and it's Great!! With that said here is where I'm going to be at in the next couple of weeks hopefully I'll see you there and have a meaningful conversation. Take Care & Be Well...


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